Membership Benefits

Thousands of dollars value in services, resources, partnership and education training!

  • Free Consultation on managing current and future COVID-like events
  • Inclusion in FAMA Security Protocols
  • FAMA will assist with developing your business volunteer profile.
  • FAMA will train your staff in innovative community connections.


  • Free attendance to the 4-class GEMS TRAINING professional development ($1000 value)
  • Discounted rates on contract services (marketing, bookkeeping, private staff training, event planning)
  • Access to FAMA’s living network of businesses nonprofits and churches
  • Up to 50% off all FAMA workshops, events, and seminars
  • FAMA represents an army of potential volunteers for your community events and services
  • FAMA works together with its members to broaden and deepen its member organizations’ footprints in local neighborhoods through collective outreach endeavors
  • Direct fund-raising participation and consultation made available through specific FAMA partners (These dollars can be used to partner with FAMA and connect your business to the community in a major way)
  • True connectivity on a level that you’ve prayed would happen!
  • Your business will gain access to a variety of professional/staff development professionals and mentors.

Members in good standing are expected to make contributions that help to serve the community and provide refreshments for our bi-weekly meetings.

Annual dues are $250 and are expected from every member to remain in good standing. These dues can be broken up into 3 equal monthly payments of $90. Our Bi-weekly meetings are provided for members in good standing and first- time visitors.